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...a twenty-three year old recent graduate of Georgia Tech with a heart of gold! I stumbled across her blog, Real College Student of Atlanta a few months ago and absolutely fell in love with her go-getter personality and cheerful spirit. She is also a fellow author and has just recently added jewelry designer to her resume. 

Tell us about yourself.

I'm a 23 year old recent graduate of Georgia Tech, and I just started my master's degree program at Georgia Tech. I'm from Atlanta and I hope I never have to leave. I love making memories with the people I'm closest too. And I love interesting, delicious foods. I am a blogger, author, and entrepreneur who is willing to try anything once!

Why did you start a blog?

Two summers ago I had my Macbook stolen from my car. On my computer I had my writing samples, photos, music, and everything I considered important. However, shortly after that incident I realized how unimportant the material things in life are, and how important the people and experiences in life are. So, I channeled my frustration into positive energy and decided to start a blog to talk about all of the great things college students like myself were doing. And, I also wanted to share all of the incredible things going on in the city of Atlanta.

Did you ever foresee it's success or were you surprised by it?

I don't think anyone besides my dad read my blog for a few months, and I was ok with that because it was in its preliminary stages! But as I started talking about more import ant topics, I wanted to share it with more people. I couldn't have predicted that I would have the readership I have today, but I'm really grateful that people enjoy what my blog has to offer.

How would you define a successful person?

Simply put: A successful person is a person who is grateful for their current situation, while working to get to the next level. And a successful person isn't threatened by other people striving for success, but tries to help those people attain their goals as well.

What is your current major? What made you want to pursue it?

I'm studying Public Policy with a concentration in Communications and Health Policy. After working in my state's governor's office for six months, I knew that I wanted to work for the government for my career. I love the thrill of politics, the necessity of the public sector, and the diversity of job options that exist for Public Policy majors. I enjoy all of my classes, which means I picked the right major!

You just recently shared with us a bracelet that you helped design with Carolina Clover. Why jewelry and why that particular design? 

I love accessories because I think they give personality to an outfit. And I take my jewelry seriously. I wear a few classic pieces, but I also like to add in some random pieces. As a jewelry lover, I've always wanted to design my own jewelry, and working with Carolina Clover was the perfect opportunity!

I was looking for a pearl bracelet, but I also wanted it to include an inspirational message. I wanted a piece I could wear every day that fit my style and personality. My original sketch included a pearl bracelet with a gold link for an inspirational message, and overtime the sketch evolved into actual pieces that created the final product!

How was the process for you?

The Carolina Clover team was incredible to work with, so the process was extremely positive. I got to see samples of the design along the way, learned about setbacks and improvements along the way, and I had continuous communication with the company as the design came to life.

Where can one purchase the bracelet? 

The bracelet is available for purchase through the Carolina Clover website here. And we've made it free shipping!

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In 5 years I will be 28, and I hope that my communications firm has become a million dollar business. I do want to get involved with politics, and I think that would be a good time to enter the political world. I also think 28 would be a great time to settle down and get married. I want to be happy like I am in 5 years, but I am open for any road that takes me to that happiness!

Any advice for someone wanting to live their dreams but may need a little nudge?

Remember that this is your only chance to live your dreams. We only have one life, and this is the time to go after what you want. All of us are human and we all deserve to do what we love.

Contact info?

@VettVandiver (twitter & instagram)
vkvandiver (pinterest)

Be sure to stop by her blog. I promise you'll love her!

And the winner of the #MyThreeMen #KindlePaperwhite Giveaway is...

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Congrats sweetheart!!!!


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  1. thanks for featuring me!! so honored!! xoxo

    1. I'm the one who should be honored!
      Thank you for the opportunity.


  2. Lovely interview !!


    1. Thanks Ivan!
      Vett's pretty cool!