This Week...

By now you can probably tell that when nothing is going on in this life of mine, I resort to hitting you with a "This Week" post. Well here goes.

This Week I...

Had way too many Wendy's Wildberry Tea.
I'm addicted.
I ended up spending Valentines Day & the entire weekend with Bru Bear
Since no one of the opposite sex wanted me. I missed my best-friend and infringed myself upon her busy schedule and all. Sometimes you just gotta step in there and be like "honey, I'm home!" The best part (besides spending time with my bff) was that there is a Wendy's located on her street. #Win

Received this fabulous bag 
(Thanks Shade' & Bag Inc.).
Shade' and Bag Inc. came together for a giveaway and let's just say that my not so lucky butt won. I never really win anything so when I got the news, I jumped up in the bed and started dancing. It's ok if you wanna put up the "L" sign.
I love this bag!

Caught up with Mindy in Elle Magazine. 
I loved the article but I was disappointed that there wasn't more about her. One page does nothing for me! However, I loved how B.J. Novak's thoughts of her were used. It was...sweet.

Finished Book 3 in the Game of Thrones series 
...and I am so ready for Book 4 and Season 4! April can you please hurry up & get here?! 

Spent time with Munchkin. 
I haven't seen my munch in more than two months, horrible I know...but I got to spend one amazing and busy day with her. Let's just say that I'm not planning on having kids any time soon. At least with this cutie, I can give her back *whistles*

Relaxed at the beach
After a meeting on Saturday, everything in me was aching to hit the beach. So I did.

What have you dolls been up to?


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  1. LOVE that bag!! and this new blog layout is so fun!

    1. Yes! I'm obsessed with it. I wore it for the first time today and loved it!

      Thanks hun! I wanted a change so I made it :)


  2. I'm sure that is not true ... you have high standards so you didn't want to spend V day with little ole anybody!

    That bag is perfection! I never win giveaways either and wouldn't you know it I finally decide to give it another go and won a fancy lingerie set, lol!

    I'm so jealous of you at the beach. We're suppose to have another snowstorm Tuesday and Wednesday :(

    1. Ya got me there Faith, ya got me there.

      My first reaction to that giveaway you won was "ooooo"... I hope you love it! Just...don't post any photos :P I kid. Well, no I'm not kidding.

      So let's switch places. You can totally have my sun, sand and sea for a week...or three. You're in my prayer with that snowstorm. I've never experienced one so I can't even begin to imagine what's gonna happen and how it's going to affect you.


  3. I love the bag! I guess you really are lucky!

    I would love to be on the beach now. Soak up loads of nice warm sunshine for me and send it to me with your lovely thoughts.

    1. I know right! I'm beyond obsessed with it!

      I sure will!


  4. Excuse me while I place my towel next to yours on the beach and steal a sip of your Wild-berry Tea. It's 20 degrees here *buries my face in my hands and sobs uncontrollably*

    Moving on from my weather/location envy... I was disappointed they didn't have a bigger article on her too. Wsup with that? Ah well- I'm still happy she graced the cover. Congrats on winning the purse! I love it too!

    1. 20 degrees? Ouch! I don't even...

      Yes! I was happy she got the cover too but I wanted to know more about her. Looks like I'm gonna have to sit down and interview her myself. :D

      ...and thanks hun! I don't think I've said enough how much I'm obsessed with this bag!


  5. Beautiful week !!!


  6. Nice random pics!