It's Not Always Perfect

Peach Cobbler Attempt
This week I attempted to bake a Peach Cobbler. Being from The Bahamas, it's not a usual thing for us but after getting the recipe from a friend in Portland, (hiiii Free!) I decided to give it a go. 

At first I was all doom and gloom because it didn't look nearly as good as other people's photos on Pinterest (that thing will be the death of me, I swear) and my cobbler was a bit "jellyish" than I've seen ( I don't really know if it's supposed to be) but after I left it to cool for a while, it looked ok, a little sturdier but tasted way better than it looked...even though I burnt it a little. Bru bear kept sliding her plate back for more. Sorry Bru.
Breakfast Muffins & Baked Eggs

I also baked blueberry oatmeal muffins and egg muffins for breakfast this week. I was on a roll! Bru bear couldn't wrap her head around the idea of baked eggs (Thanks once again Pinterest) but she sure did wrap her mouth around them!

After months of relaying the idea/vision of my book's cover to several graphic artists and illustrators, I decided to go with an easier idea. Apparently my first cover design was a bit too complicated for them. I will say though that this new design, after seeing the first draft gave me goosebumps, made me dance like a child and made me blush all at the same time. Mama, I'm gonna need you to not pick up this book! I love my new idea though...not only because it's MY idea but because it will definitely have anyone who sees it, use their imagination. Some will probably think I'm totally perverted and throw the Bible at me and others will probably be like (Kool-aid man's voice) "oooh yeahhh". I'm hoping that I can reveal it here first within the new year, if all goes well. Sometimes when I say things, I feel like I jinx myself because then they normally take a turn for the worse. Often times, I can't contain my excitement and feel like I absolutely have to share the awesome news!

I've had a rough year and I'd be over the moon if only this, dream/aspiration of mine would go according to plan but you know if it doesn't, at least I get to say that I've tried. I've tried to accomplish something that most people run away from but someone's got to be the fighter right? 

Until next time my darlings!



  1. Look at you go! Everything looks delicious to me!

    I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see the cover :)

    1. Faith you always manage to put a smile on my face! I love you for this!


  2. Nice!!


  3. HAHA I've had the same reaction when photographing food too. Their trick is they let it cool down completely if not entirely especially if you're photographing the inside of food say lasagna or other foods that sort of slide apart when it's still all hot from the oven.

    I'm excited to see your new book cover!

    1. So I've learned LOL! I shall be doing so in the future!



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