February Wishlist '16

January is basically over. Believe it! We're entering the last stages of winter and I'm kind of happy about that. As an island girl, I live for warm days, sand in my toes and cool breeze tossing my hair from one side of my face to the next, with my lipgloss causing it to stick to my lips. Of course, that's another story for another time. 

With February comes that day filled with mushiness and barf worthy pics. You've got it, Valentine's Day! Although I am single, I've found myself wanting a few select items that fit the bill of Valentine's Day outfits...and then some. Here's what I'm currently crushing on for the month of Feb:

(even though I'm like totally short)
4. Bright Floral Wrap Wedges

What are you crushing on for the month of February?


love, FiRE Junior's Geometric Print Maxi

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection"
 - Buddha -

*this is not a sponsored post 
(and Blogger is fucking up my image sizes, I apologize)

The beautiful thing about living in The Bahamas is that we don't really experience extreme cold weather. As much as I'd love to strut around in a gorgeous pea-coat and a pair of thigh high boots, I'm quite fine with a maxi dress and flats.

Last year, lace/crochet/sheer dresses seemed to be in heavy rotation and I too wanted a part of the action. I've always been in love with lace and crochet because I found the material to be ultra feminine so naturally I took a liking to this dress when I saw it.

At first I wasn't too sure about this because the straps are thin and the dress kind of clings to the body. Being heavy chested, I have to carefully consider the pieces I purchase. However, this dress makes me feel sexy and definitely brought up my confidence level. 

Although love, FiRE is a junior's line, they embody exactly what I'm looking for in most of their pieces especially for the upcoming Spring & Summer seasons. (Plus I'm kinda petite so I can still fit junior's haha). Their vibe is so boho chic. It's cute and relaxed all at the same time. Also, we all know how cheap frugal I am so you know those prices are just right!

I'm happy to have discovered love, FiRE and I'm excited about purchasing from them in the future.

What are your thoughts on sheer pieces?



Every now and again, I share a really short story I've written that relates to real life issues. Writing is my happy place. It soothes my spirit and calms my soul. I'm not even sure what to call this one but I hope you like it.

She sat quietly, the dark surrounding her waiting for the headlights to pry through her window. An hour before, she checked herself in the mirror for the millionth time, reassuring herself that she looked amazing in the emerald green and black lace corset and matching boy shorts.
Twenty minutes, he said.
She put on her most seductive smile and highest heels and waited.
An hour passed and no one came.
She sat quietly.
The dark surrounding her.
She grabbed her phone. 'Where are you?' She asked. 
His response? 
'I don't want to make the drive anymore.'
She stood in the middle of a dark room and undressed, cursing herself for her expectations, knowing damn well that expectations always end in disappointment.
Her tears hit the floor as quickly as her clothing did.
To her, saying I love you meant everything but to him it meant nothing. 
To her, swimming to the end of the earth was nothing if it meant that she would make him happy. Maybe that was the problem. 
She would do anything for him. He knew that. 
But he made her feel as if she wasn't even worth the effort. 
And because of that, he will never know what it's like to be loved by a woman who would give her all.
A woman who would bare her soul just to love him the way she believes he deserves to be loved.
And just like that, he missed out on a love so pure, a love so rare...
a love he may never find again.

I would love your suggestions for a name.


Spritz & Other Things

"One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood." 
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca -

Last week it was raining cats and dogs! How ironic since I was just praising the sunny weather. I was worried that this weather would carry into the new week and Mother Nature did not disappoint. Boo!

The sun hid behind the clouds, the wind blew a cool breeze. I'd say that it was gentle but I'd be lying. At least it didn't rain. Good looking out G!

My friend, Shade' and I had made plans prior to the weather making us its bitch and we stuck to them, driving to the western side of the island for a lunch date. We decided on Spritz. 

But Spritz was closed. 


With me rolling my eyes and pouting heavily, we made our way just a few yards up to Twisted Lime. 

Twisted Lime is an urban restaurant sitting on the cutest canal. Oh how I love a good scenery! 

I've eaten at Twisted Lime a few times before but at the time, the food was a bit sub-par. However, This was Shade's first time and I was PRAYING that the food would not suck as much and tried to approach them with an open mind (and mouth!).

After being seated by the hostess, we both ordered a glass of strawberry lemonade. To our surprise, they were served in mason jars (I totally dig mason jars) and tasted pretty good. 

Score 1 for Team TL! 

We perused the menu and decided that the spinach and cheese dip would be perfect to start off with. 

OMG it was PERFECT! And sooooo cheesy mmmm! Shade' and I basically cleaned the plate. 

Next up were the entrees. Shade' decided on the Southern Fried Chicken Burger with Sweet Potato Fries while I went with the Steak & Cheese Sandwich with regular fries smothered in hot sauce of course.

Both were pretty good. This was where my shock kicked in. I was really surprised that I had no complaints about the food whereas in the past, I basically complained about everything except the liquor.

But the moment we were waiting on...

*Mistro! Drumroll please!*

that damn brownie

Our waitress introduced the dessert of the day: The Kaluha Brownie. Despite being pretty stuffed, she had me at Kaluha. 

Once the brownie came out, Shade' did her happy dance. If you're not following me on Snapchat (xoeesh) or Instagram, you missed it.   

I must say that Twisted Lime surprised me and proved me wrong all in one go. Maybe they'll become my regular. Maybe not. I'm not loyal to any one restaurant. Ha! 

**Side note: If you're ever at Twisted Lime, you MUST ask for Dorothy as your waitress. She's pretty dope!


Goodreads Book Challenge

Sundays are pretty much lazy days. Outside of going to church and spending time with close friends or family, I love to laze around with a good book and a cup of coffee, green tea or a glass of wine.

Last year, I committed to reading 100 books. Unfortunately I fell short and ended up reading only 74 books which I think is still a pretty big deal.

*pats self on back*

I read the most amazing books that took me on such an emotional and exciting journey, such as Write About Me, The Experiment of Dreams, Looking for Alaska, When I Married My Mother, Letting Go, Take Me Tomorrow & Ugly Love, just to name a few.

This year, Goodreads is back with another book challenge. This time, I decided on 75 books because that figure just seems more doable especially since I plan to keep crazy busy. 

I started the year by reading a book called Skinny Me (Book 1) and I'm now on my second book, 18 Things (My So-Called Afterlife). 

The Goodreads Book Challenge is a great place to start if you feel as if you've been slacking on reading more, or, if you're just up for a good challenge. If you decide to join, drop me a line in the comments letting me know which book you'll be starting with.

Also, have you read any of the aforementioned books? 

Have a beautiful Sunday!