Sunday, August 17, 2014

MatchaDNA Certified Organic Green Tea Review

I've always been fond of Green Tea so when I got the chance to review MatchaDNA's Certified Organic Green Tea, I was ecstatic especially after seeing all the wonderful things you can do with it from other bloggers. 

When I opened the bag, I was expecting just powder but to my surprise, the green tea powder was tucked away in cute little packages ready to be ripped and used. 

My first use of the green tea powder was after a morning workout and I'm so not a morning person. I blended the powder with banana, star fruit oats and almond milk and absolutely loved the taste. Since then, that has been a staple green tea smoothie of mine especially after workouts. 

I also use it to make green tea fraps simply because I adore Starbucks' Green Tea Frap but can't afford to spend on those everyday so this is a mini lifesaver. I usually pair my frap with home-made pizza or wraps.

On a hot summer's day (aren't they all though?) I decided to make green tea pop. I'm awesome, I know! But I made the mistake of not adding my lesson. These were okay but they weren't like OMG awesome. Note to self, just a teaspoon of sugar makes the...I'm out of things to say here. 

Anyway, you get where I'm going with this. Matcha Green Tea is awesome and it lasts like...forever. I still have pouches to go through and I can't wait to try something else. Maybe Green Tea Lemonade! I'm super excited now!! Green Tea Iced Tea. Ok I'm done here. 

Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. If you're interested in purchasing MatchaDNA's Certified Organic Green Tea, it's available on Amazon for $19.21 which I think is quite reasonable.

Happy Sunday dolls!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A F*** The World Moment

I've been having moments where I just want to lay down and bawl my eyes out. Moments where I feel like no one gives a damn about me and sometimes I feel like I don't give a damn about myself. Moments where I just want to give up. Moments when there feels like my life is going nowhere...I'm a complete and miserable failure. In those moments I am vulnerable to whatever negative thoughts insists on entering my already flailing mind. With all the books and podcasts and movies and documentaries that "tells" you how to lead a life of happiness, there are no books or movies that can actually teach me how to be happy. Right now, I'm not happy and that's a battle I'm fighting within myself. It has nothing to do with family or friends...or even my environment but a lot to do with self. I've always had such high standards for myself and every time I set the bar and swing up to it, I miss it and ALWAYS without fail end up landing flat on my face. I've been keeping a lot of things pent up and maybe that has led to all this frustration and anger. I don't feel like I even know who I am any more. I loathe moments like this where I can't figure out A from fricking B. Where life is moving at a glacial speed. I want to believe that everything works out in God's time. I mean, I've always believed that everything worked out in His time but as if late I've started to question literally and that has left me even more frustrated than before. 

I put a smile on my face everyday like everything is fine when in fact, I'm screaming and crying behind the fa├žade that I continue to put on. I don't know who I am, I don't know where I'm going and I don't know what to do.

Well there ya have it folks; The Other Side of Paradise. I apologize for the ranting and lack of pretty photos but I needed to release and unfortunately for you, I'm a writer and I prefer to write how I feel. 

I hope you're all having a great week.


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Invisible Illustrations

Remember when we spoke about nail polish? Teehe

When I was a kid, I was amazed by how "artsy" my entire family was; yet, so distraught by the fact that my stick people didn't look right. I decided to focus on music rather than art. This year, I've been really into finding my inner person and discovering who I am and that meant exploring new places and creativity within myself. 

After being inspired by Myisha Turner, I decided to try my hand at a paint and sip business because 

  1. There is no paint and sip anything in my country
  2. It was a creative avenue that I wanted to explore.
In May, I launched Art Uncork'd Bahamas. This weekend will be the first official class and to say that I'm excited is an understatement. The hiccups and the bullshit that I endured along the way made this wait well worth it. 

I found myself at the dining room table with paper and pencil (and sometimes a black pen) and nail polish...yes I said nail polish (let's count that as determination) practising and practising. Oh, no means am I the artist for Art Uncork'd! I got qualified persons for that. But at some point I think I have to show someone other than Emily & Bru Bear what I've been up to. 

...and please, don't judge me. If you do, judge fairly. Critiques are welcomed. 


Sunday, July 27, 2014

That Time I Explored A Forest

Nestled away on the most western side of the island lies a national reserve kept by the Bahamas National Trust called Primeval Forest

R and I woke up bright and early on a Saturday morning with the intention of roaming around this heavenly (not a typo) secluded place. Once we entered the gates, it felt like we were transported to a whole other island. Dorothy, we're not in Kansas any-more or in my case...holy shit! This is awesome sauce bitches! Oh wait...what is that? *breaks off running* Lo and behold just as we got to the trail, a spider was there to greet us. When it comes to spiders (and snakes, and centipedes...and creepy crawly things...I think you get the point), I am THE scariest person on the planet. But f*ck it! We came too far to turn back now. 

As we trekked the trails, more and more spiders started to show up. WTF! Did they hear that I was coming through? But anyway, I got on my gangsta shit and walked through like a bawse! Terrified AF. Shhh! We learned about native trees and plants, as well as poisonous barks and butterflies. I learnt (I'm sure R already knew) the difference between a poisonous animal and a venomous animal. We learned the differences between a sink hole and a solution hole...and there just happen to be a lot of those throughout the forest. We saw native fruits that we wouldn't normally see within the city and heard birds all morning long. 

Remarkably undisturbed with it's limestone caverns; the place was so serene, it was hard to believe that we were still in Nassau. We also got some really cool photos and I, being the biggity (meaning overbearing) person that I am, made the park warden take adorable photos of R and I. He's a pretty cool photog if you ask me. 

If you want to check out Primeval Forest, it's opened only on Saturdays from 8am-2pm at just $5 per person. But if you're a tourist and happen to ride by on a Tuesday or Thursday, they might just let you in. Just tell 'em Eesh sent ya!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Adovia Eye Cream Review

*I received this product for an honest review. 

From childhood, I've had these hideous dark circles under my eyes. Now that I'm older, I chalk it up to stress but it couldn't have possibly been because of stress in my childhood. It's one of those things that makes you go "hmmm". Anyway, when I learned that I would be receiving the Adovia Eye Cream to review, I felt a glimmer of hope. I'm not one to wear make-up everyday thus, my dark circles aren't concealed everyday and who wants to have dark circles under their eyes??? I want my eyes to look me! 

When I got the package, I was a bit shocked to see how small the bottle was; but how big could a 1oz bottle be? I washed my face and decided to use the cream right away. My skin easily absorbed the stuff and didn't feel weird at all. The scent of the cream is quite a pleasant one...sort of like a floral mix. It could be just me. 

After two weeks, I started to notice that my dark circles were lightening up. I was uber excited and continued to use the cream religiously and let me tell you this, a little bit goes a long way. My jar is still half full. 

Adovia Eye Cream also has Vitamin C & A as well as Dead Sea Salt Minerals. 

Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. If you're interested in purchasing or maybe reading other reviews, you can find the product on Amazon for $29. I think it is a bit pricey but to be honest, I would purchase it if I had to. Also, check out Advovia Mineral Skin Care's website to view more of their products.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pure Natural Raspberry Ketones Supplement Review & Giveaway

*I received this product for an honest review. 

Hey dolls,

I'm back with another review. This time with a product by Summit Nutritions called Pure Natural Raspberry Ketones. 

How It Works: 

Proven Fat Burner & Appetite Controller; In Vivo & in Vitro studies, it shows that it increases the Fatty Acid Oxidation, stimulates Adiponectin, which is a protein involved in regulating Glucose Levels and Fatty Acid Oxidation. It burns body fat and converts it into energy when the body needs it and that is how it helps the body to control appetite. As a result, it is an appetite suppressant. Raspberry Ketones works as an efficient weight loss supplement when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

These days I'm a bit sceptical with taking "diet pills" because I want to achieve my weight loss by clean eating and exercise. However, once again I have plateaued and no matter what I do, the weight wasn't coming off. Week after week I would step on the scale and see the same number staring back at me and begrudgingly step off while rolling my eyes. So, why not try my hand? 

After the first week of taking the supplements, I noticed that I had lost one pound. I would usually have chalked it up to working out but it was pouring cats and dogs outside and I was too unmotivated to workout at home and clean eating somewhat went out the window. (Yes Faith, this is why you haven't seen a clean eating photo on IG in a minute) So pound down with minimal exercise. Week two was no different, another two pounds but this time, I felt motivated. I felt...energized. Imagine what the heck I could lose if I combine working out, clean eating and these raspberry pills! Unfortunately, I didn't want to rely to heavily on the supplements so I decided to skip the following week...and nothing. What in the entire EFF! Did I not just kick-start my body? Eff you body!!!! So I decided to start with the pills again, praying that the rain would go away and I'd be able to get outside to put in work but alas, mother nature was being her usual bitchy self. Bless her heart. But that week, I saw another loss and was motivated again. Honestly, I have stopped the pills because I haven't been able to get outside and workout how I wanted and I'm really curious to know how it would work with clean eating (notice I'm not saying diet) and exercise if it blew my mind with eating the usual crap. 

I wouldn't say that it is a miracle pill but it comes pretty darn close. If you're interested in purchasing it, you can at Amazon for $29.99. The price to me is a bit steep and I think it would sell better for $19.99 but hey, to each his own. 

If you want to try the product but don't want to spend the money just yet, Summit Nutritions is giving away ONE bottle of Pure Natural Raspberry Ketones to one of you lucky dolls. All you have to do is enter below.

As always, I only recommend products or services I use personally & believe will be good for my readers. 

Good luck!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

That Time I Did My First Youtube Video (Make-Up) Haul

Youtube videos, for a long time has been something that I've always wanted to get into but for fear of being criticised harshly, I stayed away from it. I'm really insecure when it comes to speaking on camera because 1). There's a gap between my teeth and 2). I'm a bit tied tongue. Le struggle. But I eventually bit the bullet when I returned from my trip to Atlanta and decided to try my hand. Of course, practice makes better =)

Don't you just love how YouTube "screen-captures" your pretty ugly face?! 

 Do you have tips on how to make the perfect...or a really good YouTube video?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bedtime Bliss Best Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs Review

Disclaimer: I received this product for an honest review.

For a long time, I've had problems with falling asleep. I'd often joke around and tell R that we'd need blackout curtains in our home because the light coming in at night through the blinds keeps me awake for like...half the night. Another thing that keeps me up at night? Barking neighborhood dogs. As if light wasn't enough especially since I wear glasses and tend to get migraines from said light at night. When Bedtime Bliss agreed to send me their Best Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs set, I was excited. Finally a chance at a full and good night's rest! 

When I received the package, I immediately opened it to find a cute soft black carrying case almost resembling a cloth sunglasses case. I pulled the items out and jumped with glee. Bedtime couldn't come sooner! The sleep mask has a Velcro snap that adjusts to your head size thus fitting my big head perfectly. The mask is perfectly contoured and soft which makes it quite comfortable to wear and move around with when turning in bed at night. It also blocked out every bit of light...which is particularly most important. I was a bit sceptical with using the ear plugs because every ear plug (whether it's music or not) would hurt my ear. However, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go. Surprisingly, it was comfortable and cancelled all noises around me leaving me to get a good night's rest. 

Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my reader. With that being said, Bedtime Bliss Best Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs can be purchased from Amazon for $13.97 which I think is quite reasonable. 

Do you have trouble sleeping? If so, what methods do you use to fall asleep and have a good night's rest?

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Scenes From Atlanta

So many Peachtree St. So little time =(
If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw some of the photos and that this was my first time travelling outside of the country alone. However, I'm grateful for the experiences that I've encountered and even though everything did not go as planned right off the bat and I feel like I don't really have anything to offer my readers with this post, I have no regrets. I was able to reflect and learn things about myself and now I'm eager to move forward with my life plans and all the other plans that God has for me. You live, you learn and you grow.

I did however get to visit Underground Atlanta and fell in love with ViVi and was able to see SkyView Atlanta (the line was just too long)  and some really cool skyscrapers.

It's been real ATL! Until next time!